We See Foodservice Differently

Here’s why:

Our Brands

From tap systems to tabletop smallwares and from ranges to refrigeration, we're Texas' top source for foodservice equipment.

Our Staff

Everyone says they're different, and then they act like everyone else. We're different in a different way. We're actually different.

Our Knowledge

Ettinger Rosini is one of the technically savvy foodservice rep groups in not just Texas, but the entire country. Visit our Training Center.

Our Events

From informative demonstrations to ground shaking rock concerts, Ettinger Rosini is an active part of the community. Crash the party.

Your Resource for Everything Foodservice

Ettinger Rosini is the technical expert in Texas foodservice equipment.


Whether you’re a fine dining restaurant or a dealer specing a new hotel,
we’re here to support you.


Your Resource for Everything Fun

Well, just about everything.


But what would you expect from a company that sounds like they make Italian champagne?!


Conversations with Ettinger Rosini are not boring,
and hopefully you can learn something about foodservice equipment, too.

Ready to talk foodservice equipment?