Bar & Beverage Equipment
About This Project

Bloomfield has begun to emerge as a major manufacturer of counter top electrical products as coffee brewer sales increased. Bloomfield also began manufacturing food warmers, chafers and portable buffet counters.

Among Bloomfield’s major products are coffee and iced tea brewers, coffee warmers, insulated beverage dispensers, and glass coffee pots with customized silk screen graphics. Beverage equipment continued to be a major thrust for the company and had now grown to be a substantial part of the total business mix. Bloomfield had become a solid number two in beverage equipment and supply sales, displacing some long term competitors in the industry.

In 2000 all of the SEC divisions were purchased by United Technologies and became a division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.

In August 2007, Wells Manufacturing Co. and Bloomfield Industries, Inc. were purchased by the Middleby Corporation and renamed Wells Bloomfield, LLC.

Today Bloomfield supports a sales force of 25 in 25 territories throughout the U.S.. Bloomfield has offices in Holland and Taiwan to address foreign market opportunities. The company has 1200 active distributors in the foodservice industry and 6700 Office Coffee distributors.

Bloomfield’s sales and marketing efforts focus on expanding beverage equipment and supply sales with foodservice distributors, OCS operators and roasters worldwide.