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For over forty years Marsal has been manufacturing restaurant equipment that has revolutionized the pizza industry. Our exclusive left-to-right burner design and 2″ thick brick cooking surface creates the most even bake and dependable product for any pizza maker. No down time, no need to rotate pies. Rest assured that you will have the quickest, crispiest, most dependable bake from our products.

Marsal and Sons’ mission is to produce the highest-quality pizza ovens, pizza prep tables, and pizza-making equipment for the food service industry. We are committed to being the innovator of pizza ovens and to constantly improve our product designs as well as our ability to meet the needs of the industry. Overall, our goal is to be recognized as “Simply the Best!”

Marsal’s care for quality and ingenuity has allowed us to soar to the top as the new industry go-to brand. See our equipment all over the country and all over the globe – at your local pizzeria or in the greatest of restaurant chains. We provide the highest quality, most innovative equipment, all while keeping the integrity of a family-run business and manufacturing in the United States.